Clergy Corner by Fr. Robert Falabella

Today, throughout our country there is the celebration of Mothers’ Day. But those who should ALSO be celebrating this Mothers’ Day are all of us surviving today and enjoying LIFE, because the women, who bore us, accepted the awesome power of their bodies to bring forth human life, and thus CHOSE to let us LIVE rather than to turn us over to that “business of legalized murder” -- known as Planned Parenthood, and its nefariously greedy practice of selling infant body parts for financial gain; which cries out to heaven in its attack against human nature. Would the Social Security System be in the disastrous position it presently is in, if we had had those precious millions of innocent lives with us today?

Countries usually lose their citizens and can become weakened through wars waged against them by foreign enemies, but this country’s Government allows the    destruction of its own citizens developing in the womb, by an enemy within ITS borders, through the legalization of abortion -- the self-destruct mechanism of a  nation, through the tyranny of five rogue lawyers and their cohorts of that modern “Trojan Horse” called the American Civil Liberties Union; and its effect of depriving our country of approximately 60 million citizens.

Motherhood, having its source from the God of Life, is a divine-like quality, from which flows the beauty and source of motherly compassion, concern and willingness to sacrifice, all of which contributes to the survival of a nation.

Today’s Mass which celebrates the Ascension of the glorified Body of Christ Jesus, also reveals that all men and women are called to be in the image and likeness of Christ and ascend to the Kingdom of God through their obedience to the Commandments of God. Christ who was obedient, even to the death on the Cross, revealed the necessity of Divine Faith when He taught: “all those who believe and are baptized will be saved, (while) whoever does not believe will be condemned” (Mark 16:15).

May all mothers continue to have the strength and grace to persevere in this world, as they live out daily the precepts and commandments of God, and thus help other souls as well as themselves for the greater honor and glory of God, and what for all eternity will be their own personal glory -- their fidelity to God’s gift of their Womanhood.


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