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Clergy Corner by Fr. Cellars

Brothers and Sisters,

In today’s Gospel, we see yet again people intent on trying to entrap Jesus. Why? Why are people so threatened by Him? Simply, by accepting Jesus as the Christ, as our Savior, it means we must deny anything and everything that isn’t of God. What is further from God than the world?

We hear about these “Herodians.” These were people loyal to Herod, the appointed ruler of Judea. I say appointed because his power and authority did not come from the people or from God, but from Rome. These rulers abandoned the faith in the One God and replaced Him with the power and prestige of a foreign occupying force.

Why would these followers of Herod be so against Jesus? Essentially, if Jesus was indeed the long-awaited Messiah, then that would create a problem for those who had long since abandoned God. They would be left with nothing, and by nothing, I mean all the trappings of the world that was given to them…all for the small price of abandoning their faith. In the end, these people chose the comforts of the world over an eternal reward. We know the story and what Jesus said to them; but what does that say of us?

You and I must make a decision that has eternal consequences. We can choose this world, and all the false promises of the enemy, and live a sometimes wonderful, yet meaningless life. Or we can choose Jesus. I hear many people say that living for Christ is too hard, being virtuous is just too difficult. Hogwash! When our lives are ordered rightly, when we deny all the things of this world that we know won’t really satisfy us, and instead fill it with truth and love…then we can indeed find happiness. Choose happiness, my friends.

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