Clergy Corner

December 2016

Dec 31


Among the most painful of experiences in this life on earth is to be the victim of ingratitude, especially from those we love -- ingratitude expressed by an ongoing forgetfulness or indifference to some goodness or kindness given to that person. We recall what must have been a painful disappointment to Jesus when only one of the ten lepers...
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Dec 24

Who is this Child Born this Happy Morning?

Clergy Corner for December 25, 2016, The Nativity of the Lord Who Is this Child Born this Happy Morning?  Who Is this Child Born this Happy Morning?  Jesus Christ is … The Word of God The Word made flesh –- God made man The Son of God and the son of Mary The long-awaited Messiah The Second Person of the Most Holy...
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Dec 10

Advent: Our Path to Eternity

The Gospels of Advent deal in various ways with the “coming” of Jesus -- most specifically in the sense of the Parousia -- the PRESENCE of Jesus in the final coming to judge the “living and the dead” -- the “living” being those whose souls are radiant with the beauty of God’s Image -- perfectly realized,...
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