Clergy Corner

February 2020

Feb 28

Give Up SIN for Lent

We are now on the First Sunday of Lent by which we are intending these 40 days as a preparation for the coming Holy Week of the Paschal Mystery of Jesus Christ.   Lent is a call to conversion. The enemy of the conversion is sin. So we have to look at ourselves, if we are ready for this coming celebration of our salvation. There are...
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Feb 14

When in Doubt…

Unfortunately, when I hear this phrase, I still think of the old rule in school, “when in doubt, Charlie out.” As in, if you don’t know the answer to the question, choosing “c” is always the  safest bet to guess the right answer. Who knows if that ever worked though!   Luckily for us as Christians,...
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Feb 1

The Beatitudes

So what is now the significance of Jesus’ beatitudes and why are they so central to his teaching? The beatitudes respond to the natural desire for happiness that God has placed in every heart. They teach us the final end to which God calls us, namely the coming of God’s kingdom (Matt 4:17), the vision of God (Matt 5:8;...
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