Clergy Corner

May 2016

May 28


Today, we celebrate the Feast of Corpus Christi -- the Body of Christ which refers to the Mystery of the Incarnate Word of God, i.e., Jesus Christ, the second Person of the Blessed Trinity -- the God-Man and also named “Emmanuel,” God with us. In this revelation from God on that wondrous Holy Thursday night, we are given the Holy...
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May 14


Today is Pentecost, the day that the Holy Spirit – the Lord and Giver of Life – descended upon the disciples in the Upper Room. Since then, the Church and the world have never been the same. The Holy Spirit is the Third Person of the Most Holy Trinity, and the first Gift to those who believe in Christ and are baptized. He brings us...
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May 1

For To Me Life is Christ and Death is Gain

A challenging question often heard from cynical unbelievers to us Christians is the following: “You Christians are supposed to believe that ‘a heaven’ awaits you when you ‘pass on’ from mother earth. Why is it, then, when you are sick in hospitals you are praying to get well, so as to be able to continue on living...
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