Clergy Corner

May 2020

May 31

Let the Spirit Work in You!

In the days before the Pentecost, the apostles were afraid; they were discouraged and disappointed. They locked themselves in. They would have disintegrated as a community had it not been for Mary, the Mother of Christ. She was there to keep them believing in the promises of her Son. She might have told them, "Wait and pray. The Holy Spirit...
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May 23

The Ascension of the Lord

“He ascended into heaven and is seated at the right hand of the Father.” The Mystery of the Ascension is in all the creeds because it proclaims some powerful truth. First, the Ascension is about Jesus returning into the Father’s glory, and what it means for the human race. Jesus’ Ascension reminds us that now he cannot...
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May 17

Let all the earth cry out with joy!

This is the psalm you will hear this weekend at Mass. Amidst all that is going on, our voices rise as we come together to celebrate, both from home and in person, with joy for the promise of eternal life that God offers us. No plague, no virus, no person, no government, no devil -- nothing, can ever forcibly take that promise or that joy away...
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May 8

What do we keep, and what do we change?

When the restrictions ease up sooner or later, let us continue to listen to our Good Shepherd, and carry in our hearts the precious lessons and realizations we have learned.  What do we keep, and what do we change? May we all come out of this experience not only victorious but also more virtuous. I hope we don't forget prayer. It is...
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May 3

Listen to His Voice

Today is the Good Shepherd Sunday. In the Gospel, the Lord speaks of himself as a shepherd whose sheep follow him because they recognize his voice. The challenge facing every follower of Jesus today is to listen for the Master’s voice in the middle of competing voices demanding our attention, conflicting noises assaulting our senses and...
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